With Mandrill we are making use of Mandrill’s meta property system to tag each outbound email with an email id, a variation id, the lead id it’s being sent to, and the nature of the email (weather or not it’s part of a batch send or is it an automated email routinely sent to new subscribers or is it just a test email the admin sent off during testing.

These meta tags help us call statistics from Mandrill for entire email campaigns or statistics just on a single variation’s performance in an email campaign.

What I’m looking to find out from SparkPost is:

  1. Does SparkPost have a meta data system like Mandrill? Or is it purely Tag driven analytics.
  2. Are there limits on how much meta data an email can hold? Are there limits to how many tags an account can create?
  3. If SparkPost does support meta data, can performance statistics be called via meta data searches over a given time period?

Here’s a record of our interview with Chris Wilson from SparkPost’s Slack Community:


I think with this bit of Information and a promise form SparkPost’s CEO to never do to us what Mandrill did to us is a good sign that it is safe to begin development.

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